About Verbaccino

Today’s marketplace is increasingly wiredglobal, multilingual and social. There’s no going back. So how can your business leverage those trends?

Verbaccino‘s mission is to give your business that extra edge it needs to stay competitive and keep growing into the 21st Century. We help you develop and implement strategies for communicating more effectively and internationally with your target audience. Our services include:

  • Web Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Translation & Localization (French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Persian, Azeri)
  • Research
  • Multilingual Writing & Editing
  • Audio-to-Text Transcription

In the new Digital Era, international business isn’t just the realm of large corporations anymore. Businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of multilingual content and social media to market themselves beyond their local audience. Let Verbaccino help you develop a strategy that’s right for your business.

Read more about Verbaccino’s Services, and contact us at info@verbaccino.com.

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@KathrinBussmann, Founder & Principal at @Verbaccino


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