Welcome to the Verbaccino Blog!

Hi folks! I’m Kathrin Bussmann, the founder of Verbaccino, and this my blog. Welcome!

Verbaccino offers digital marketing services with a focus on international growth. Services include multilingual content creation, social media strategy, translation and localization. In the 21st Century, the marketplace is becoming increasingly wired, global and social. Even the smallest business can reach out beyond its local market. Verbaccino’s mission is to give you a competitive edge by helping you communicate more effectively and more internationally with your target audience.

So how did I come up with the name Verbaccino? Well, quite honestly, I was looking for a good domain name that hadn’t already been snapped up. It’s a real challenge, let me tell you! All the obvious ones were taken. So I finally decided to invent a completely new word. A word that would roll off the tongue and represent the essence of my brand. Since my business is about language and communication, but with an international, multilingual focus, I tried to coin a word that would capture all those elements.

Verbaccino is a combination of the Latin root verb-, which means ‘word’, and cappuccino. It’s meant to evoke a warm, welcoming space where people can gather over a cup of their favourite caffeinated brew. A modern, cosmopolitan hangout where fresh ideas are encouraged and good conversation flows. A virtual version of your favourite coffee shop, where you can get together with friends or colleagues, and where you feel comfortable bringing your laptop to get some work done away from the office. The vibe is friendly, the energy creative, and the people around you are chatting in all kinds of different languages. That’s what I’m trying to evoke. I hope I’ve succeeded.

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a parent, a volunteer, a language geek, and an aspiring sailor. I’m fluent in English, French and German, and I can muddle through in Spanish. I have a Ph.D. in linguistics, specializing in historical phonology, which is the study of speech sounds. I can transcribe anything I hear into IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). See? Geeky. I grew up playing the piano, the violin and the French horn. I’m a québécois German-Canadian and I’m passionate about multiculturalism. I’ve lived in Quebec, Germany and Ontario, and I’ve travelled to lots of other cool places, but there are lots more I’d love to see. My dream is to live on a sailboat someday and explore all the beautiful islands and coastlines of the world.

This blog will be a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences with you, and, I hope, start some good conversations. Future topics might include anything from language and multilingualism to social media and entrepreneurship, with some culture and travel thrown in for good measure. What kinds of topics are relevant to you? What issues are you facing in today’s business world? Let me know!





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